The types of visual impact to illustrate a blog post

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To illustrate a blog, you need to define a visual strategy. The visual impact of editorial content on Internet users is well established. So it’s important to determine which visuals best fit your content marketing roadmap. Discover the different formats for developing the performance of your editorial content, particularly in terms of SEO.

Defining a visual content strategy


Editorial content featuring one or more visuals generates 94% more views than simple text. The same applies to social networks: on Twitter, a post with an image has a 150% higher retweet rate than one without. At the same time, the number of sites that enable the creation of infographics or visual content has exploded in recent years.

Images therefore represent a real added value for editorial content. The insertion of visuals on a web page represents an opportunity to develop traffic. It is therefore important to define a visual content strategy as part of your editorial line. Community managers, social media managers and content managers can determine the strategic direction of visual content.

Opt for photos or illustrations


Visuals can vary according to their nature: photo or illustration. Compared to photography, illustration offers a variety of variations. They help support the message of the article they illustrate. It’s essential to choose well-designed visuals. Special software is available for this purpose. Illustration should complement the content visually.

To find both photos and illustrations, all you need to do is visit a bank d\’images, which contains millions of photos, most of them free of copyright.

Depending on the platform hosting the website, the visual may need to be resized to optimize its visibility and the functioning of the page on which it is published. A description is required to ensure that the visual content is referenced by search engines, notably Google Image.


The different types of visual content

To select relevant visual content, you need to take into account the nature of the editorial content. This is essential if the tone is to match the illustration. Discover the different types of visual content that can be adapted to your editorial strategy.

Statistical illustrations

When writing content that involves numbers, it’s important to back up the data with illustrations that speak volumes to readers. Presenting the figures in an editorial content in visual form helps to clarify the discourse and make them stand out. There’s no denying that this type of illustration encourages sharing and engagement among a community of readers or subscribers.

Visuals with quotes

Visuals featuring quotes make a big impact on web users. It’s a way of lending authority to content, but also of highlighting certain parts of it, when the illustration repeats a key passage. Several software programs can be used to create impactful visuals and insert a quote. Social networks give users the opportunity to create short content, in the form of quotes, with the emphasis on background.

Publish editorial content with infographics

Infographics perform very well in terms of user engagement. This type of illustration combines rich information with attractive visuals. For optimized search engine optimization, it’s important to include keywords. Infographics are compatible with all social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Insert slides

To make an impact on web users, it’s a good idea to share a presentation’s slides via a link. They can include the essential editorial content in the form of summaries, infographics, diagrams and more. It’s an excellent way of offering downloadable content to your readers.


What about videos?

Social networks are littered with videos. In fact, some of them have chosen to base their distribution strategy on this visual content: TikTok, Snapchat and, of course, YouTube. Adding short videos to editorial content can be particularly effective. In terms of search engine optimization (SEO), there is some debate among specialists as to whether or not a link to a YouTube video inserted into editorial content can improve its visibility on search engines.

The best visual strategy for your site is to diversify your content. Don’t hesitate to vary the forms and adapt the visuals according to the information contained in your articles, but also according to your target audience.

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