ChatGPT: how to use personalized instructions

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Would you like to chat with an artificial intelligence and ask it to help you write your documents, generate an image or translate a text? In all cases, you’ll undoubtedly be using the market leader, ChatGPT. But you’re a little hesitant, because you’re afraid you won’t make it. But AI has a new feature to help you: personalized instructions. This update lets you personalize the various interactions even further. But first, you need to set up the instructions and use them optimally. We explain everything.

What are personalized instructions?

all images lit building carpet city backgroundIf you’re using ChatGPT, you’ll undoubtedly be using Custom Instructions. Above all, they offer precise answers. These new commands allow you to provide the AI with precise guidelines on how it should respond to your requests and interact. There’s no need to write long, time-consuming queries. Defining personalized instructions is the perfect way to avoid wasting time and get the job done quickly and efficiently.

To do this, the app lets you set up complementary instructions that will optimally complement your way of guiding the model to obtain answers tailored to your objective (whether it’s your business or your personal target).

These personalized instructions can also be used to remember your search and writing preferences. They are saved for a certain period of time and you won’t have to come back to them. The conversational experience will therefore be greatly enhanced.

So you’re a developer who regularly uses Python? Tell the AI. It will then use the Python language whenever you need help with lines of code.

Customized instructions have been created in response to requests from ChatGPT users. They regularly complained about having to rephrase what you want every time. OpenAI has therefore developed a system that allows you to define an approach that will be used several times.

This will make using ChatGPT faster and easier.

How do I activate personal instructions?

artificial intelligence to enhance visual personalization in email marketingFirst of all, it’s important to know that these Custom Instructions are reserved in Europe for ChatGPT subscribers. If you don’t want to subscribe, you can use a VPN. To use these instructions, once you have subscribed, click on your login. A menu appears. Select “Custom Instructions”, represented by three small dots. If you don’t have this button, go to Settings and Beta to activate the process.

Once you’ve read the instructions, you’ll be asked to complete two panels. The top panel is about who you are. In no more than 1500 characters, you’ll have to answer the question: what would you like ChatGPT to know to better respond to you, and how would you like it to respond to you? To help you, a number of entries are provided: where are you based? What do you do for a living? What are your hobbies? This will enable him to answer your questions in the best possible conditions. It’s best to provide as many details as possible to help the application.

Another panel will show you what you can expect from ChatGPT. You’ll need to specify some specific points: should ChatGPT be formal or casual? What should be the general length of the answers? Will ChatGPT have to have opinions? Once again, you have 1500 characters to respond to these requests.

Now you’re ready to use these instructions.

Optimum utilization

If you’ve answered these questions in detail, you’ll be able to make the most of the feature. You’ll need to provide him with relevant, accurate data. First and foremost, you’ll need to insert personal or professional details. You can mention the place where you live, your job or your passions, not forgetting your favorite activities or the themes you often use. You’ll then have to direct your exchanges with the artificial intelligence according to the tone, format or style of your answers. You’ll have to decide how the AI should talk to you. You’ll have to choose between everyday language, professional language or even a funny tone… and also adjust the AI’s objectivity.

You’ll need to specify the structure or length so that the AI can best adapt to your wishes to achieve a quality result. You can also choose the vocabulary and language level. This will give you a much more structured response.

Once you’ve entered your details, don’t forget to save them. Once these instructions have been recorded, a small i appears on the side of the GPT 3.5 or 4 label. You can then put them to work for you.

Easy to use?

increase engagement on social networks with ia-generated imagesIt’s time to see how ChatGPT can make your life easier. Make a request to the app. If you’ve saved the custom instructions, you won’t have to make lengthy requests. ChatGPT will then follow the template you specify. You’ll then be able to observe a rise in the quality of the app’s work.

However, you can always change the profile used. If you need to use ChatGPT for different purposes (personal and/or professional), you will need to modify these instructions. The easiest way to do this is to create documents containing the different types of custom instructions, then copy them into the corresponding panels. You can then access your models and have them used very easily.

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