How many images should I put in a blog post?

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When you own a blog, it’s essential to update it regularly. Indeed, quality articles help to build an engaged and caring community around the project. For aesthetic reasons, readability, and also to improve search engine optimization, it’s important to integrate images into articles. To find out the number of images to insert in a blog article, follow the guide.

Images in a blog post: an essential?

Your blog is your creative space par excellence. With your community, you can share your ideas, your projects, your desires or even your expertise in a particular field. These exchanges take place through the writing of blog posts. Images in a blog post are therefore not decisive when it comes to the quality of your writing. However, the image is a real plus that will make your readers want to discover your world and follow your blog, to become a full-fledged member of your community. Putting images in your article has 5 main advantages.

Greater reader engagement

Images in a blog post: an essential ?\Images can capture readers’ attention and make your article more visually appealing. They can help break up the monotony of text and make reading more pleasant and breezy.

A better understanding of content

Images can be used toillustrate and explain complex or abstract concepts. They can help readers better understand your message and visualize the ideas you’re sharing. Images can also be useful for tutorials, step-by-step guides or visual demonstrations.

Think social sharing and virality

Blog posts containing attractive images are more likely to beshared on social networks. Images can be easily shared and often attract the attention of social media users. This can help increase the reach of your article and drive traffic to your blog. In this way, images can help expand your community.

Images help search engines suggest your blog

Well-optimized images can contribute to good search engine optimization. Images can make your article more attractive to visitors and increase time spent on the page, which is a positive signal for SEO.

More accessible content

Images can also improve the accessibility of your content. People with low vision or using screen readers can benefit from text descriptions associated with images to understand the visual context.

How many images should a blog post have?

how many images should i put in blog post 2\The number of images to insert in a text will depend on various factors including:

  • The length of the text : the longer a text, the more likely it is to contain images to illustrate, support its ideas or back up its words.
  • The type of content: a complex or abstract article may need more regular images or explanatory diagrams as the article develops.
  • Visual objective: images are inherently aesthetic. If the aim is to achieve a visually appealing and engaging article, you might consider including more images.
  • The relevance and added value: Images should be relevant to the article’s content and add value to it. Avoid inserting images simply to fill space.

More than the number, it’s the relevance and quality of the images that counts. However, a 1500-word article can include 4 to 5 images (all types combined), for each important section of your article.

Choosing the right blog post images

The relevance and quality of images to be inserted into an article are paramount. Choosing your images well is therefore a goal to achieve for an engaging blog post that promises visibility.

You’ll need to take into account:

  • The relevance of the image to what you’re saying;
  • The visual quality. A pixelated image does you a huge disservice, unless that’s your objective. Pay attention to image size and format.
  • Originality ;
  • The style consistency with your blog, your world and its color palette ;
  • Avoid clichés or recurring images.

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