The best AI tools for generating online videos

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Artificial intelligence has become a must-have for anyone who wants to work on the Internet. It lets you do many things quickly and easily, from high-quality texts to high-end videos. If you’d like to find out more about the AI tools you need to make videos, we tell you all about these video generators.

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Enrich your content with quality video

all images pair women smilingCreating a captivating video isn’t always easy. If you don’t want to spend long hours creating your video, artificial intelligence can be the perfect tool. It will quickly create the short film that will be used, and quickly produce the video. But first you need to choose the perfect AI tool.

This gives you access to an automated video generator. What’s more, the videos you create will be a key factor in your success. AI puts all the odds in your favor.

But above all, it’s important to know that AI can’t yet replace your creativity, or even human skills. So if you want a professional video, it’s best to contact an expert in the field, such as a motion designer.

Let’s take a look at the best AI tools for creating a video without the hassle.

Synthesia, an avatar for your video

Synthesia is a professional video generator. Above all, it’s very easy to use. With him, you’ll be able to produce a high-quality, personalized video. Making a video from scratch will be a breeze. You’ll need to select a template from a wide range of models. It will also be possible to choose an avatar. Next comes the video background editing stage. You can choose colors, text and add different elements. The next step is to write the script and create the video. You won’t waste any time, and you’ll be able to get an easy, totally personalized video. To include this video, again no problem. This can be done from the software’s royalty-free image bank, or simply by filming your screen.

Fliki, would you like to create a dialogue between several characters?

With Fliki, you can easily transform text into video. You can also integrate voices you’ve created with just a few clicks. This makes it an ideal tool for creating explanatory conversations, for example. The software is also perfect for creating intro and outro scripts for podcasts., the new generation

What you have here is a new-generation software for creating videos using AI. Its voice command function, translation options and video editor with a host of functions (text overlay, mark-up, audio tools, etc.) are all great assets for creating a professional video. You can also use the social sharing and collaboration functions for efficient co-production.

Simplify video creation with Lumen5

With this app, you can easily transform text into video. All you need is a script. The application automatically transforms it into a video. To achieve this, Lumen5 will search for the most suitable layouts and superimpose them on a background, the aesthetics of which will again be carefully chosen by the AI.

It’s the ideal way to save time and get top-quality video.

Pictory, the major software

all images person dirt bikeHere’s a tool that lets you convert content (video or text) into short videos, ideal for social media. This application is particularly suited to the creation of marketing or promotional videos. It’s a complete software package that lets you create a video from a simple text. It also lets you modify existing videos. The main advantage of this app is that in just a few minutes (or even seconds) you can create a video from a text, be it a script or a blog post.

If you use a long video, Pictory can create a highlight for it. Even though the application is in English, it’s still easy to use.

Creating videos with AI

Whether you want to create a short film, a movie, special effects or animation, artificial intelligence will do you a world of good. To achieve this, the AI will use computer-generated images (or CGI), a tool widely used today in video games and films alike. The AI is also perfect for creating realistic animations. You’ll be able to imagine a film, but also a video for your company, such as a product demonstration. Social media is no exception, and AI can still assist in the creation of videos for these platforms. You’ll be able to create explainer videos or videos for advertising purposes.

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