Google I/O 2023: AI embedded in Google products

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AI has become ubiquitous in Google’s flagship products. At its annual conference, Google I/O 2023, held on May 10, the company unveiled its latest innovations in artificial intelligence, technology, cloud computing and entertainment. The conference was an opportunity for Google to highlight its commitment to developing AI-based solutions. Whether in the search engine or in the applications we use every day, artificial intelligence plays a major role behind Google products. Thanks to these technological advances, the company aims to guide users towards an era in which intelligent technology will make their lives easier. Indeed, the company fully understands the potential offered by AI, and is determined to integrate this innovative technology into its various products and services. From Internet search to mobile applications, we explain how Google is effectively using AI to deliver ever more effective services to its users.

Google’s AI for image editing

Google I/O 2023: l\'AI embedded in Google's products

AI for image editing is a fascinating technological development that opens up new creative possibilities. For example, the introduction of the Magic Editor by Google Photos, powered by generative AI, enables users to make complex modifications to their photos by adding and, above all, modifying imaginary elements. Thanks to this tool, it becomes possible to completely transform a photo by calling on the algorithm’s imagination. This impressive capability confers unprecedented creative freedom to create visually stunning compositions! As well as adding imaginary elements, Magic Editor lets you move and enlarge objects within an image. It therefore gives users greater control over their final creation.

Duet AI: Google’s counter-attack on Microsoft Copilot!

The American company recently announced the addition of several AI-enabled creation functions, notably to its Workspace applications. The aim? The automation of certain complex jobs, and a sizeable response to Microsoft’s AI copilot released in early 2023!

Duet AI: your new personalized writing assistant

Duet AI is a real revolution in the field of assisted writing. It offers users a personalized assistant capable of generating complete, coherent texts from a simple prompt. Duet AI has the ability to create different text structures according to the user’s specific needs. Whether you’re writing a punchy headline, an informative paragraph or a detailed list, the assistant will be able to adapt and deliver relevant content. What’s more, it acts as an intelligent spellchecker. It not only analyzes the spelling and grammar of the text, but also suggests modifications to the tone and style of writing. Another remarkable aspect of this personal assistant is its linguistic versatility. It can handle several languages, including French, English, Spanish and Japanese.

Assisted writing for Gmail emails

Assisted writing represents a major step forward. Introduced by Google, this feature gives users the opportunity to produce messages more quickly and efficiently, based on a list of predefined subjects. For example, if they wish to request a refund for a cancelled flight, they can simply use their initial message concerning the flight in question. The AI will then be able to write a new e-mail with all the necessary information, while respecting their usual writing style. This personalization of content is essential, as it allows users to retain control over their written communication without compromising their individual style.

Google aims to revolutionize note-taking with AI

The American giant recently unveiled its latest project, called Tailwind, which aims to transform note-taking thanks to artificial intelligence. Ultimately, it’s an AI notepad fed by your own documents and capable of answering your questions as a kind of personalized writing companion. Although intended as a tool for students, it’s clear that it could help anyone handling large amounts of text on a daily basis. Using the files stored in your Google Drive account, you can create a private, personalized IA template that specializes in the information you provide. By simply selecting these relevant files, this feature will be able to learn and improve over time to better understand your writing style and specific needs.

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