AI-generated images: the billboard revolution

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Images generated by artificial intelligence (AI) are transforming the world of display advertising. Thanks to increasingly powerful algorithms, machines can now create stunning visuals customized for each user. Find out how this revolutionary technology is set to change the way we interact with the screens around us.

The creative potential of AI for advertising


One of the areas where AI has made the most progress in recent years is image generation. By combining advanced deep learning and image processing techniques, researchers have succeeded in developing programs capable of producing images of unprecedented quality. These advances pave the way for a multitude of applications in the advertising sector.

More powerful visuals

Thanks to AI, it’s now possible to create visuals that grab the consumer’s attention while conveying a clear, relevant message. Algorithms are able to analyze millions of pieces of data in a matter of seconds, and generate images that precisely match advertisers’ expectations. As a result, advertising campaigns benefit from enhanced visual impact, improving their effectiveness.

Personalization for relevance

Adverts can now be tailored to each user’s tastes, interests and browsing history. AI-generated images make it possible to offer personalized content that holds the consumer’s attention and generates greater engagement. By addressing each individual directly, advertisers maximize their chances of reaching their target.

The arrival of intelligent interactive screens

Advances in AI and computer-generated images also have major implications for advertising on urban screens. Indeed, interactive digital screens are set to revolutionize the way we interact with public spaces and the advertising messages they display.

Dynamic, adaptive displays

With the advent of intelligent interactive displays, advertising panels are becoming capable of adapting in real time to surrounding conditions and passers-by’ behaviors. For example, a screen might display an advert for sunglasses when the weather is sunny, then switch to a message encouraging people to cover up when it starts raining.

Interaction between user and screen

Smart interactive screens also offer the possibility of creating immersive and engaging advertising experiences. Users can interact directly with the messages being broadcast, for example by varying the content of the image using gestures, or by scanning a QR code to obtain more information about a product.

The ethics and limits of AI-generated display advertising

While AI-generated images offer many opportunities to improve the effectiveness and creativity of advertising campaigns, ethical and privacy issues also need to be considered.

Respecting user privacy

To personalize advertisements, algorithms need to collect and analyze a large amount of personal user data. It is therefore essential to guarantee that this information is processed securely and transparently, in compliance with current regulations. Advertisers must also take care not to infringe individuals’ privacy rights or use their data for unauthorized purposes.

Bias and discrimination

Finally, AI-generated images may be subject to unintended biases that reflect the prejudices present in the training data. For example, certain social groups may be over- or under-represented in advertising visuals, raising issues of fairness and representativeness. Advertisers and designers of image generation systems therefore need to be vigilant about the diversity and inclusivity of their campaigns.

In summary

Images generated by artificial intelligence represent a major opportunity for the out-of-home advertising sector. Thanks to their creative potential and ability to personalize messages, these technologies make it possible to capture consumers’ attention and improve campaign effectiveness. However, it is crucial to consider ethical and privacy issues to ensure responsible development that respects users’ rights.

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